Our Programs

Media Literacy Program


Our media literacy program provides adults 18 and up with opportunities to develop critical analysis skills related to understanding media messaging, basic audio and video production, as well as social media marketing. Topics discussed include the history and development of African-American media outlets as well as emerging platforms for creation and distribution of independent media content. Many of the skills gained by participants are transferable job skills that can be used both in the journalism industry and in other professions.

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Youth Digital Media Arts Program


Our Youth Digital Media Arts program is designed to introduce youth 12 through 17 to digital audio production and radio broadcasting. The youth learn about the history of African-American radio, basic audio production, proper on-air hosting etiquette, how to conduct an interview, and the basics of social media marketing. At the end of the training, participants are able to create a digital portfolio of their work that can be used as example work for college admissions, internships, etc.

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Soul Star Live Cultural Affairs Program

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Soul Star Live is a weekly cultural affairs program examining news, current events, arts and culture from an African-American perspective. Produced by Desert Soul Media, Inc., the show streams Sundays from 5pm to 6pm (MST) on soulstarlive.com, radiophoenix.org, Facebook and YouTube. It has been recognized as one of Radio Phoenix’s best radio shows by Phoenix New Times.

Each week of the program has a specific theme:

1st Sundays focuses on social justice. It is hosted by Calvin J Worthen.

2nd Sundays, branded CULTURE SPOT, spotlights artists and culture leaders and is hosted by artist/entrepreneur Truth B. Told. Each CULTURE SPOT episode ends with the Culinary Travels segment hosted by Jennifer Davis-Paige.

3rd Sundays gives voice to youth and young adults. It is hosted by Calvin J Worthen.

4th Sundays, host Aqueelah Worthen tackles health and wellness topics with the Black Nurses Association of Greater Phoenix.

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African-American Community Radio Project


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 378,000 Black people live in the state of Arizona (July 1, 2019 Census data). 65% of the state’s population resides in the greater Phoenix metro, with about 246,000 of those residents being African-American.

Nielsen Audio, which provides audience ratings for the U.S. radio broadcasting industry, ranks Phoenix as having the 37th largest African-American radio audience in the country.  Phoenix is likewise the second largest African-American radio market in the Southwest region after Las Vegas (Nielsen Audio Radio Market Survey, Fall 2019).

While there are several radio stations in the Phoenix area that target the Black community with music content, none are owned or controlled by local African-Americans. There are also no Phoenix area radio stations providing African-Americans with news or analysis of current events in a manner that is culturally relevant.

Desert Soul Media, Inc., wants to change that dynamic. We’re working on a long-term capital campaign to raise the funds necessary to acquire and launch a broadcast radio station that will be controlled by and provide programming that is culturally relevant to the Valley’s African-American community.

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