Board of Directors

Kaja Brown

Board Chair, Executive Director and President

Kaja has more than two decades of non-profit management experience, namely as a co-founder of Arizona Community Media Foundation, a non-profit public media organization in Phoenix, Arizona. During his career, Mr. Brown has worked in the roles of President and as a Board member. He also possesses extensive knowledge regarding how to develop, manage, and build sustainable revenue streams for non-profit organizations. He holds a Master of Business Administration, as well as a Bachelor degree. He has also earned graduate level credit from the Nonprofit Leadership and Management program within the Lodestar Center at Arizona State University.

In addition to his work with DSM, Kaja also serves on the Boards of Casa de Sincero, Inc. (CDS) and The Foundation of the Alliance for Community Media (FACM). CDS is a non-profit healthcare organization serving adults with behavioral health challenges in northern California. FACM is the charitable arm of the Minneapolis-based Alliance for Community Media, which raises funds for programs which facilitate, preserve and promote education in community media.

Outside of his non-profit work, Kaja hosts the weekly syndicated radio show HipRawk Nation, heard in Arizona on KRDP in the Phoenix area (Sat 8pm to 10pm).

Calvin J Worthen

Board Vice Chair, Deputy Director and Vice President

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Calvin has been in radio since 2001 as host of a late night show on WVOE. He completed his undergraduate degree in kinesiology from the University Of Northwestern-St. Paul and his master’s in business and industry education from the University of Minnesota. In 2010 he was awarded the Jane Matteson Jazz Educator of the Year, and in 2011 was the National Association of Black Storytellers 1st place winner of the “Signifying and Testifying” Tall Tales Contest. Recently, he was featured with Arizona Storytellers Project. Calvin performs freelance voice work and has narrated a collection of audio books on Audible. As a well-rounded athlete and fitness expert, he spends down time exercising and playing sports. Calvin is a vocalist, a percussionist and a thespian with a number of years of experience in performance.

Calvin hosts the weekly Blues and R&B radio show Blue Friday every Friday from 7pm to 8pm (MST) on KRDP. Likewise, her serves as one of the main anchors of DSM’s cultural affairs program Soul Star Live, broadcast M-F at 10am and Saturdays at 7am on KRDP.

Aqueelah Worthen

Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer & Director

Aqueelah is a native of Minneapolis and currently resides in the Valley. She studied accounting at the University of Northwestern-St. Paul, where she earned a bachelor degree. Her professional and volunteer experience includes work in accounting services, community organizing, and early childhood education. Likewise, she has led both a neighborhood association and parent advisory council. With a passion for education and community development, Aqueelah desires to help others to expand their worldview and reach their full potential.

Every Thursday morning at 10am on KRDP, she hosts the health and wellness episode of DSM’s Soul Star Live cultural affairs program featuring guests including the Black Nurses Association of Greater Phoenix.

Jennifer Davis-Paige

Secretary & Director

Jennifer is a retired Director of Product Management from Amtrak. While based in New York City she was responsible for the business performance of every long distance train (seven) east of Chicago. Jennifer created and produced a series of educational videos, “Back to Basics” that were accepted and included in Amtrak’s national training program. She co-authored the Service Excellence Training Program for the California Zephyr, the premier train that travels from Chicago to Emeryville, California.

Now based in Tucson, Jennifer hosts the weekly radio/podcast/YouTube series Boom Goddess Radio, heard in Arizona on KRDP in the Phoenix area (Sun 6:30pm) and KXCI in Tucson (Sun 3:30pm). She considers it a privilege to be a contributor that will connect voices of women over 50 across America and around the world.

Walt Richardson II

Sergeant-at-Arms & Director

Walt Richardson II is truly a Tempe music legend in no uncertain terms. This icon has been playing his own take on folk, reggae and rock in the local community for nearly forty years. Having started as a street musician and working his way up to world tours, Richardson has always made Tempe his home base and celebrates it in his songs as well.

Walt can be heard each week as host of the nationally syndicated World music radio program My World of Music. In Arizona the show is heard on KRDP in the Phoenix area (Sat 6pm to 8pm), KAWC in Yuma and KAWP in Parker (Sun 3pm to 5pm), KOFA in Yuma (Sat 11am to 1pm), and KZRJ in the Jerome/Sedona area (Sat 8am to 10am).

Leticia Barrett


Leticia Barrett is a multi-talented woman with a passion to help others through her knowledge and experience. Originally from Minneapolis, and now based in Phoenix, Leticia is the owner of Prosperous Business Management,  a firm offering business consulting, innovative insurance plans, tax preparation, and life coaching services. She brings to the DSM Board an extensive background in management, sales, marketing, finance, banking, financial aid, insurance, financial planning, tax preparation, event planning, project management and customer service. She is also an author and entertainment personality.

Kenneth W. Davis


“Ken” Davis is a practicing attorney for more than 25 years. He grew up in Buffalo, New York and has lived in New York City, Chicago, and San Diego. He is currently based in Los Angeles, California. Ken brings a wealth of legal experience to our Board of Directors, as well as a background including Economics (B.A. cum laude), legal ethics, the criminal justice system, a love for music-as-art, and a passion for minority entrepreneurship.

Chris Felton


Chris Felton wears many hats – amateur writer, artist, philosopher, historian, martial artist, and radio broadcaster. Hailing from North Carolina, he has resided in Phoenix for nearly 20 years. Often viewed as having introverted and extroverted qualities, Chris is of a quiet, calm and observant disposition. He loves authentic ginger ale, Vietnamese food and chicken wings. He has a thing for sweet red wines; extremely articulate, sophisticated, beautiful women of substance; and travel to exotic locations. His musical tastes reflect an eclectic sound and a love for all forms of music. He believes: “We’re all connected regardless if we realize it or not. If we can see past the superficial and the boxes society has created to keep us distracted. Music is that connective tissue that can unite us. It’s the universal language.”

You can hear Chris each week as the co-host with Glenn Miller of Power to the People, a weekly talk radio show exploring politics, religion, and culture. It is heard Tuesdays from 4pm to 5pm (MST) on KRDP.

Patrice Graham


Patrice “Lady Sincere” Graham originally hails from Detroit, Michigan. She has always had a strong passion for informing people, networking and keeping people in the loop of what’s happening around them. Patrice is an entrepreneur, offering promotions services through her company Be Boundless Entertainment.

Debra Momon-Sabir


Debra is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has lived in the Valley for many years. Debra is a founding member of the DSM Board, and has an incredible ability to excite the community about the work we do. When she’s not lending her voice on-air for public service announcements, or helping us promote our programs, she spends time with her children and grandchildren. Likewise, Debra is a devout follower of the Baháʼí Faith, which teaches the essential worth of all religions and the unity of all people.

Christopher Owens


Born in Saginaw, Michigan, spoken word artist/poet/emcee/actor Truth B. Told (born Christopher Owens) is known for many things…but biting his tongue isn’t one of them. Witness just a few minutes of one of his critically acclaimed live performances, and you’ll understand why. Truth’s candid, pull-no-punches, call-it-like-he-sees-it style is one that resonates with audiences across color lines & age ranges. He has opened for acts such as Floetry, Mint Condition, and Musiq Soulchild; written a commercial for BET’s Black History Moment; made appearances on VH1 & MTV, and has even appeared in film, including the independent film “How You Look To Me”, starring Frank Langella (“Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”, “Frost/Nixon”).

Truth B. Told was awarded “Spoken Word Album of the Year” at the 2012 National Poetry Awards for his project “LTV2: The Death & Rebirth of Christopher Owens”, as well as Spoken Word Artist of the Year in 2013. Never one to rest on his laurels or past accomplishments, he has completed work on a book, “Words I Remember”, as well as his hip hop/jazz-infused spoken word project, “Oxymoronicotineverland” both released in June 2015. In fall 2015, Truth B. Told was also featured in Dove & Twitter’s #SpeakBeautiful online campaign targeted at empowering women and challenging the societal standards of beauty. Always one to improve on his craft, Truth B. Told holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University, with a concentration in poetry and fiction.

Every Monday at 10am, Chris hosts the “Culture Spot” arts and culture episode of DSM’s Soul Star Live cultural affairs program on KRDP.

Adlee "A Tray" Salaam


Adlee “A Tray” Salaam is a financial analyst, who being deeply committed to applying time to civic activities (such as youth mentor-ship and athletics coaching) has come full circle to discover that there is so much more to offer those members in his community by standing up for those things that are often overlooked or not broadcast in the brightest light.

In addition to his owrk on the DSM Board of Directors, A Tray hosts the weekly radio series We’re On Point, Saturdays from 4pm to 6pm (MST) on KRDP.